The memorial project

Remembrance is an active process set in the present. At any one particular moment, remembering something links me to my own history, to my thoughts and feelings, and to something in the past. At that very moment the past becomes the present, a part of my own narrative, which, in turn, determines my personal life as well the broader future.

Many people across the world will lend form to the 15,000 cards in memory of the 15,000 Jewish children who over the period 1942-1945 perished in the ghetto at Terezin or in the death camps to which they were subsequently deported.
Each card is symbolic and commemorates one of those children.
Once complete, all 15,000 cards will be put on public display and then archived in an appropriate repository, where they will be available for future generations.

You’ve been given one or more of these cards.
What can you do with them? On the back of the card,
the side that has been left blank, please add or inscribe:

  • Some personal words
  • Quotations
  • A theoretical text
  • A photo
  • A picture or drawing
  • Your personal associations
  • Anything related to the topic that moves you
  • What you would like people to know about the children in Terezin a hundred years from now.
  • It may help to imagine one of those children.
  • Perhaps you know somebody to whom you would like to dedicate the card.
  • Perhaps you have an idea that has not been mentioned. If that is the case, please go ahead.
  • If you want, you can write your first name and your country of residence in the lower left corner of the card. You can also remain anonymous.

You can keep abreast of all developments in real time.
On facebook: NEVER/FORGET/WHY where you can read about the project and add your comments.

Thank you for participating in the project!